Friday Night Smackdown (December 25th, 2009):
Mickie James and the Diva of the Year, Maria faced the Glamazon and the Little English Muffin’ Layla, while Michelle McCool was on the broadcasters table. Mickie pinned Layla after a Mick Kick, just after the match, Mickie tried to attack Michelle, but Beth Phoenix made the save, beating up both Mickie and Maria.

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Monday Night Raw (December 14th, 2009):

All the 14 divas from both Raw and Smackdown brands faced off in a 14-Divas “Dress to Impress” Tag Team Match, which Mickie’s team won by pinfall after a Mickie-DT on Rosa Mendes, after the match Maria was announced as the Diva of the Year.

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WWE TLC ‘09 (December 13th, 2009):

Layla accompanied Michelle McCool to the ring to face the number one contender, Mickie James. Michelle accidentally hit Layla with the Big Boot, but when Mickie were resting after a roll up, Michelle hit her with another Big Boot for the win.

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Friday Night Smackdown (December 11th, 2009):

Mickie James and the returning Maria faced the Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool and her ‘bestie’, Layla. Mickie Rolled Up Layla for the three count.

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Friday Night Smackdown (December 04th, 2009):

Number one contender match for Michelle’s Women’s Title, Mickie won by stealing Beth Phoenix’s pin on Natalya. After the match, there were a brawl between LayCool and Mickie, Maria came back to Smackdown by saving the Spunky Diva.

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Monday Night Raw (November 23th, 2009):

In the first (and only) 6-Divas Mayflower Melee Thanksgiving Match, the team of Layla, Michelle McCool and Jillian faced off against Melina, Mickie James and Kelly Kelly, which Michelle’s team were dressed as the pilgrims, and Mickie’s team as the indians. Melina got the victory over Jillian after Layla and Michelle dumped her, Maryse also made her return by attacking Melina.

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WWE Survivor Series ‘09 (November 22th, 2009):

In the traditional Divas Elimination Tag Team Match, the team of Layla, Michelle McCool, Alicia Fox, Jillian Hall and Beth Phoenix faced off the team of Melina, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim and Eve Torres. In the finals, Michelle McCool got herself defeated by Melina, the soul survivors were: Mickie James and Melina. 

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Friday Night Smackdown (November 20th, 2009):

Layla gets dominated by Mickie the entire match, then the Spunky Diva gets the victory with a Roll-up. After the Match, Layla rolls to outside the ring and asks Mickie to ‘take a look’ to the titantron, where Michelle McCool sings a terrible bullying song for Mickie, calling her a pig, who starts to cry.

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Friday Night Smackdown (November 13th, 2009):

Mickie James faced Natalya in what seems to be a great match, Michelle McCool and Layla appeared in the arena with Mickie’s clothing on their hands, they cut Mickie’s bra. Mickie got caught by Natalya into a Sharpshooter, giving the Third Generation Diva (A.K.A. Jobber) the victory.

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Friday Night Smackdown (October 30th, 2009):

Anual divas halloween costume contest, Layla was cute on her “Michael Jackson” costume, but nobody had chances against “Miss Elektra”, Mickie James, who won the contest for good. The mean divas started bullying Mickie James, but it doesn’t ended up well for them, Mickie beated the hell out of Layla and Natalya. But was attacked by Michelle McCool from behind.

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